end-cycleSigns of the Times: The Golden Age

The Golden Age

The End-Time we are in is merely the necessary process of clearing the table so that a new more sumptuous meal can be set. The Golden Age that is coming is very real. It will be the long awaited Age of Enlightenment, the Millennium of Christ, the Age of Aquarius. It will be far more than the tremendous advances of the Twentieth Century, without the suffering or the negative aspects of history that have plagued us in the past. Many masters say that we cannot even begin to imagine just how beautiful this time will be. To inaugurate this golden age, and to survive this end-time, we will have to embrace the new Aquarian mindset in ways that allow us to more quickly evolve to a revolutionary new level of understanding. This mindset includes seeing ourselves as seeds of a new paradigm within the chaos of this end-time period; that genetically we are gods and goddesses in our own right; that we are multidimensional human beings, and that we are essential co-creators in the process of life.

Golden Age

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