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Returning to the Garden

Golden Age

Superstring Theory: The science of Superstring Theory says that we live in a universe that has a minimum of ten dimensions. In this universe there are nine spatial dimensions and a tenth dimension of time. Because science only sees the physical world as relevant for study, they equate all spatial dimensions with physical manifestation. This means that the three spatial dimensions that we can see and that we know of, are all that is left of the original nine. The other six must have broken off from our world, and current theory holds that they are now curled up as tubular membranes at the smallest conceivable points below and within our knowable universe. But is this really true?

There is another way of looking at multidimensionality that is a lot simpler and far more beautiful, one that also encompasses more of the spiritual aspects of life. Looking at the zodiac, the tenth house rules time. The tenth house ruling time therefore could easily correspond to the tenth dimension of time. Because there is a powerful astrological connection with time and history, there is a possibility that the first nine houses correspond to the nine dimensions of space. Perhaps we live in a multidimensional universe, and we do live in all nine spatial dimensions. Perhaps they are all full size, and all interactive with our lives.

One idea in physics is that the four dimensions that we know of are interchangeable. Time can become length, length becoming width and so forth, without changing the nature of our universe in the slightest. We have just shown that time has a strong astrological correlation, if not outright structure. In order to maintain the interchangeability of dimensions, then all spatial dimensions must have that same correlation or structure. If the tenth house connects with the dimension of time then the first nine houses should connect somehow with the nine spatial dimensions of Superstring Theory.

Looking at the zodiac as a mathematical guide, we see that there are three classes of houses that make up this circle. Cardinal houses are creative, and mutable houses are balancing and mental. It is the fixed houses that give us a clue to our multidimensional reality. Fixed houses are solid, carrying the quality of fully manifested physical reality. They are considered destructive in the sense that creation constantly flows, and the only way for something that has become physical and solid to flow, is in the direction of disintegration. Within the first nine houses, there are three fixed houses that act as a dimensional matrix for spatial dimensions that code for our fixed, physical universe. Within this physical universe the law of entropy holds sway. Disintegration.

The other six dimensions are full sized, and we live within them every day of our lives. They code for reality that is not physical, but that are nonetheless spatial. They add meaning, quality and beauty to the physical. The three cardinal houses may correlate to creative and emotional reality. The term cardinal implies the color red, carrying with it the meaning of heart, passion and life. In these three dimensions, length, width and depth, emotions and desires live and breath in their own realm beyond the physical. In these dimensions love exists as a transcendent spiritual reality appearing, if we could see it, as Divine Love at the most refined level of expression, all the way down to the lesser emotions of romantic and familial love, and their complimentary emotions relating to hurt, anger, and even hatred. There is an awareness or intelligence that exists within these dimensions; an awareness that we associate with goddesses and gods at all levels. Women are intimately aware that emotions are real and solid, having a life of their own. Emotions often take us over, and direct our physical bodies as if they were the masters of our lives.

The other three spatial houses, the mutable houses, code for the three mental dimensions that also add immeasurably to our physical lives. At the most refined level there exists Creative Intelligence, the Buddhist Universal Mind as well as the Biblical Word that was with God, the Word that WAS God. Below this level, there exist Laws of Nature that live and have their own awareness. The incredible beauty of mathematics comes from these dimensions. From here, archetypes have existence, giving rise to ideas and thought patterns. The consciousness existing in these dimensions infuse ideas all the way down to low level ideas and dogmas that affect us on a daily basis. History tells us that ideas often feel like they have lives of their own. Many ideas have taken hold of the collective awareness of entire nations, and did not let go until they had run their course and lived their lives.

Astrological ages respond to the collective natures of all six of these dimensions infusing the three physical dimensions with meaning and direction through the course of time. The mental dimensions give rise to direction and focus while the emotional dimensions give creative power to support the life of these ages, as well as the desire for experience that gives meaning to this circular play.

Let’s now imagine that these higher six spatial dimensions comprise an area of infinite size. A desire for creation arises, and a thought focuses that desire. The vast flowing energies of Love and Creative Intelligence begin to compress into a small area of finite size. Out of these energies, compacted energy flow takes on the appearance of particles. The physical forces of nature emerge out of the desire nature of Divine Love. It is no accident that the forces of nature are forces of attraction. The repulsive nature of these forces merely acts to keep a certain distance between particles so that there is a continued dynamic of attractive interaction between them rather than a total merging. Particles join together in a dance of desire and creation. Atoms and molecules hold together, and interacting amongst themselves become the expression of Love and these higher dimensional desires and ideas.

Our physical universe comprises a very small part of this infinite universe. Our physical universe is like an egg in a very large nest. Furthermore, we may only be one egg in a nest filled with eggs. Alternate and parallel universes very likely exist alongside of ours. Because there is such a great difference between the energy levels of these higher dimensions and our physical dimensions, astral levels of existence containing ghosts and other manifestations of non-physical life surround our physical universe like a protective embryonic shell that keeps this universe from dissolving back into the higher emotional and mental states. We experience the emotional and mental dimensions at an energy level that is more harmonious to our physical existence.

When we die, we only die in the physical dimensions. The physical body that exists in the physical dimensions is subject to the fixed law of entropy, of movement and flow towards destruction. We are eternal and godlike in the other six mental and emotional dimensions. We cannot usually access the power that we really are in our multidimensional aspects because we only “see” ourselves as merely physical beings. Emotionally and mentally we close ourselves off from our true reality. On the other hand, when we physically die we take with us our hurts and angers, our dogmas and all the wrong that we have committed. Not being physical they do not die the same as the body. As a sort of death or end result for them, they need to be transformed in mental and emotional ways here in the physical dimensions. This leads to what is called reincarnation. Reincarnation is a physical process only. Mentally and emotionally we are immortal. We are constantly drawn back into the physical, life after life, in order to heal and improve our mental and emotional selves, and to enjoy physical sensations.


Golden Age: Physical life is an evolutionary progression where humanity has been trying to create a truly beautiful garden here on earth that matches the ideal that we carry within our hearts and minds. In this multidimensional reality we literally are love. The nucleus and electrons of an atom are incredibly small compared to the size of the atom. If a nucleus is pictured as about the size of a baseball, and we place it in the exact center of a professional baseball field, the first electron ring circles that nucleus way out at the edges of that field. All the rest of the atom is space. This means that close to 100% of an atom is empty space. But in this multidimensional universe that space is not empty. It is filled with Divine Love and Creative Intelligence. This is who we really physically are.

We are at a flash point in our history, where we now have the option of creating a beautiful Golden Age for ourselves if we so choose. This Golden Age will be multidimensional. We will live our lives deeply immersed in higher mental and emotional potential. We will be able to create from this expanded, miraculous level of awareness. War will become dance, and enemies will become partners. The very atmosphere around us will be electric and alive with love and creativity.

The Age of Aquarius is approaching in 2160. That is 150 years away. On a cosmic time scale that is the briefest blink of an eye. For us, within our limited physical bodies and time frames, that is a long time. The nature of these times that we live in right now indicates that we have to begin creating that golden age right now. There is no time to lose. And we can actually enter into our golden age without waiting for 2160 to come. The Age of Aquarius is already here if we choose to embrace it. Pisces rules contact with other worlds, higher worlds. We have the ability to bring in, right now, the Pisces expression of heaven on earth as a foundation that will quickly expand into the highest promise of the Golden Age of Aquarius.

As we meditate and clear the clutter of our physically focused surface minds, we open to our greater minds and mental processes that are more intimately connected with the beautiful and immortal nature of the higher mental dimensions. Here we come to know ourselves as immortal, and as geniuses. Here our thoughts take on the power of natural law and mathematics. Here we become archetypal, heroic, and godlike.

As we love and forgive, and learn true compassion, we get past our limiting hurts and angers. We drop our comforting but small-hearted dogmas and prejudices, and become bigger in our hearts. We connect with the higher emotional dimensions within us that even now flow through our very molecules, pulling into ourselves a greater sense of divine love. This love is the love of life. It is an intimate heart-felt connection with not only all of humanity, but with animals, insects, and the plant kingdom as well. Communication with life across species boundaries opens us up to greater awareness of the joys of life.

The Golden Age of Aquarius promises to be a golden age of brotherhood, not only with all beings on this planet, but as part of an expanded community of humans and other intelligences on other planets as well. It has been predicted that as we pull ourselves up and out of our survival paradigm, we will be deemed civilized and loving enough be accepted into what is called the Intergalactic Federation of Planets. Remember that Pisces rules contact with other worlds. Just as Columbus discovered the new world for Europeans, we may find that during this last Pisces Era of the Age of Pisces (1980 to 2160) we will very likely make contact with yet another world of extraterrestrial intelligence, and most likely in a big way. This also answers Pisces prophesy within an Aquarius context. Christ riding a white horse in the clouds when he returns, will likely be riding in a white ET cloud ship.

Science will tackle metaphysics, discovering reason and the logical processes behind esoteric knowledge. Science and spirituality will come together to study and understand aspects of the higher mental dimensions and how they inform our physical lives. Human potential will expand tremendously, pushing us to become miracle workers, sons and daughters of God, able to perform all of the miracles that Christ performed, and more.

Religious thought will become more inclusive. Religious rituals and ideas will be shared amongst all religions. Religion will become more loosely organizational, with increased freedom allowed for individuals to share between themselves and between other religious organizations. The present religious ideal of humble devotion to a God above will become more aligned with the ideal that we are now gods in our own right. The focus will switch to our abilities to manifest our hopes, dreams and wishes as we work to create a collective utopia for ourselves.

Our physical bodies will undergo tremendous transformation. Right now it is said that our DNA is changing from a two-strand double helix to twelve strands. This seems very likely in that a complete helix might very well have an astrologically complete twelve strands in order to allow us, within our physical bodies, to be able to perform the miracles that Christ promised for us. This might also create a more light filled body for us, less dense and more naturally expressive of Creative Intelligence and Divine Love. These bodies will radiate joy rather than fear or combativeness. We will likely be able to remain in our bodies indefinitely thus achieving physical immortality. Leaving the body behind will become a conscious choice rather than a death, much like trading in a perfectly good vehicle for a better one when the desire strikes.

Our basic family unit will expand emotionally to include friends and community as a greater sense of brotherhood and friendliness effuses through us. Our world will become intimately interconnected as we begin to feel our connections more universally. As we let go of our survival of the fittest concepts our thinking will naturally change to become more helpful and nurturing in all situations. Living consciously within a rich emotional dimensional matrix, we will feel love constantly, and we will see others as integral manifestations of that same love. There will be no perception of separateness to keep us apart and in conflict.

Relationship will change as well, from being a unit concerned with a small sexual and familial perception of survival, towards becoming a unified and powerful unit for accomplishment and the fulfillment of great dreams. Couples will see themselves as part of a greater social whole, adding their creative power towards creating a utopia for all to enjoy. Masculine and feminine energies will be brought together and harmonized into something greater. Attraction will be much more emotional than physical, feeling a deep heart connection more than physical beauty. In this process, romance will evolve and deepen touching upon divine multidimensional energies in addition to the merely physical. Soulmates will find each other easily and they will create a loving and compassionate foundation for society.

Humanity has been set for millennia on a course of creation. We have been striving to create a physical Garden of Eden, to return to that ideal, and we are now poised to do just that. The only thing required of us is to remember our true multidimensional nature and allow the divine, creative energies of our higher dimensional selves to flow through us, to become more involved in the joy of the physical playground.


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