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The End-Time Cycle

End-Time Cycle Within the cycle of astrological ages there exists an End-Time cycle that has powerful religious and spiritual implications for all of us. We are presently in the climax period of that cycle. This astrological cycle is the foundation for Christian prophesies of the Apocalypse and the coming Millennium of Christ. It is the astrological basis for all other prophesies that speak of the end of a cycle and the coming of a new Avatar, the arrival of the Savior, the Second coming of Christ, the return of the Mahdi, or the return of the Pale Prophet.

End-Time Myths: Mythologists have collected over 500 myths from around the world that tell of at least one end of the world event from our past. These events are either by fire or by flood. There is often a couple that survives who then repopulate the earth. The ancient Chinese tell of a world-ending flood, and interestingly enough their surviving hero was known as Nu-wah. There are a handful of cultures that tell of many such events. The Greeks say that these events alternate between fire and flood. The ancient Egyptians say that there is an ever-recurring cycle of such events. Native American myth tells of four worlds that we have gone through so far, and we are now ending the Fourth World and transitioning into the Fifth World.

As it turns out these end-time myths all speak of an astrological End-Time cycle that is historically quite accurate. The astrological signs Pisces and Virgo act as triggers for the onset of a time for cleansing prior to the creation of a new age paradigm. This is part of the evolution of life that is incorporated into the conscious direction of time. Pisces rules dissolution while the opposite sign Virgo rules disintegration and extinction.

Archaeological Evidence: There are archaeological artifacts from around the world that, until now, have made little sense in historical terms because they did not fit the rational paradigm of culture slowly rising up out of a primitive past in a linear frame of reference. Until now there has been no real way to explain these out of place artifacts. So, they were stored away in museum basements and forgotten.

There are ample remains of temple complexes, roads, and sea walls that lie beneath the waters of the Caribbean, dating to a time when those places were above water. This dates them to 10,000 BC or earlier. Just recently there was discovered a full city lying under water in the Indian Ocean, off the western coast of northern India, that would be dated to the same time. And even more recently there was discovered a full-blown city in Turkey, also dated to 10,000 BC. This is 7000 years prior to the creation of cities and civilization during the Age of Taurus around 3000 BC and after.

There are machine made artifacts that date back much farther than that, pushing the possibility of human civilization back literally millions of years. We think of humanity rising up from a primitive hominid ancestor only within the last two million years, yet there are OOP or Out Of Place artifacts that suggest that we were human and civilized even before this. The Budapest Skull is considered to be a truly human skull that has been dated to be 500,000 years old. The New York Times ran a story in 1958 about a skeleton found in an Italian coal mine that is ten million years old. The skull is human rather than simian or ape-like.

Geological Evidence: One mechanism that can explain the sudden end of civilization on a global scale is pole shift. The earths’ thin surface suddenly shifts, sliding over its core, throwing everything on the surface around. A pole shift is one of the predicted events coming up for us during this end-time rebuilding that we are in now, and there is ample geological evidence for this in our past.

The Muck Pits of Alaska show evidence of just such a violent event that threw mammoths and huge trees up against the sides of mountains. The result today is a huge twisted pile of bones and trees that tell of some huge god throwing all of this together as violently as he could, so that everything was literally smashed together.

The Bereshovka Mammoth, dating to around 17,000 BC, was found flash frozen with undigested flowers still in its stomach. This would imply instantaneous freezing all the way to the core of its warm body, as if the body was very suddenly moved from an ice free climate where it was peacefully eating flowers, to an artic ice field where the temperature was perhaps 50 degrees below zero in a matter of minutes. The sudden cold would have had to very quickly get deep into the mammoth in order to freeze and stop the digestive process.

There is evidence that at one time there was an artic ice cap over Brazil, and when it receded, it did so along an east west axis. And there is more.

This evidence supports the ancient myth of Atlantis. According to the story, Atlantis broke up and sank in three stages, the final sinking being around 10,000 BC. This corresponds to the the Age of Virgo, and the time of the Caribbean finds. The first section to sink was dated by Edgar Cayce at 50,000 BC, an Age of Pisces.

Mythic Ritual: End-Times can be associated with sacred New Year rituals. Myths and rituals collected by the anthropologist Mercea Eliade reveal that in antiquity, cultures universally revered and ritually celebrated the period of the new year as one of their most important holidays, a time of endings and new beginnings. The collection of rituals that he collected, in fact, reflect the actual historical expression of the Age of Pisces, especially the history of Christianity.

The period of the new year was about a week long. At the beginning of the week, the end of the year, the sacred fire was extinguished. The king was taken from his throne and a “carnival” king, or false king, was set in his place. During this week all social rules were laid aside, and sexual license and debauchery were now acceptable forms of expression. At the same time the sacredness of the time compelled a deep sense of spiritual reverence. Often debauchery and lechery were played out alongside deep spiritual devotion within the same person at this time.

Priests gave prophesies for the coming year, and people went from house to house purging the town of evil spirits. A scapegoat was chosen to carry the collected sins of the past year out into the wilderness. Often this scapegoat was a man. At the end of this week the carnival king was pulled down and the real king was placed back on the throne. Finally the sacred fire was relit and the new year was begun.

If we look closely at these rituals that date back to 2000 to 3000 BC, we can see that they foretold, in some way, the actual history of the Christian tradition. Christ, seen as the true king, was deposed and nailed to the cross. His return to his throne has been awaited for the last 2000 years. In his place carnival kings have been the norm, false kings interested in their own greed, for money and power. The history of this age has been one of debauchery alongside deep devotion. There are many instances of this happening even within the sacred walls of religious monasteries. The sin of sexuality has been one of the major dynamics of this last age.

Christ was proposed to be the scapegoat for humanity. He took our collected sins upon his shoulders, and was chased out into the wilderness, through the avenue of death. The Judeo-Christian religions have been focused strongly on prophecy concerning the transition to the coming new golden age. The history of the Christian religion has been almost exclusively focused on prophesies of this age, and of the end-times, as well as expunging the evil of Satan from our midst.

The history of the Christian tradition has been a reflection of these much older new year rituals. If we can draw conclusions from this interesting connection we might then contend that the entire Age of Pisces has been an end-time period of new year renewal. Because astrological ages are cyclical, perhaps these rituals remember a previous Pisces end-time, and prepare us for this next one.

History: The first indication that there is indeed a Pisces-Virgo connection with endings and breakdown lies in the history of the eras.

Virgo Era, Age of Pisces: 900 to 1080.

Europe, which was unified under the rulership of Charlemagne during the previous era, rapidly disintegrated into very small manors and towns that closed themselves off from the rest of Europe. This led to the creation of Manoralism. Each manor under the protection of a local lord became self sufficient and isolated from other towns and manors. Trade and movement stopped.

The Byzantine Empire remained intact to a degree. Within society people disintegrated into various groups each espousing their own ideas, creeds and dogmas, with little attempt to see anyone else’s point of view. In politics, this tended to hamper the political process of governing an empire. Very little was accomplished because of this internal fragmentation. The Moslem world broke apart into three separate Caliphates during this era, each isolating themselves from the other. And in China, the Tang Dynasty was also undergoing a serious period of fragmentation after 900. The feudalism of the previous era now became more fragmented and isolating.

Virgo Era, Age of Aries: 1260 to 1080 BC.

Similar trends can be seen in Europe, Egypt, and the Near East during the Age of Aries. The early Greeks had built their culture around the ideal of a loose confederation of city-states thus creating a feudalistic warrior society during the previous Leo Era. This led to a more isolated and fragmented Greek society. Farther east the first Assyrian Empire broke apart at this time. And in Egypt, although they remained intact, the political arena fragmented with separate and rigid ideologies in constant battle with each other, effectively neutralizing government.

Pisces Era, Age of Aries: 180 to 0 BC.

This was the period of the Late Republic in Rome. It was a devastating period of social and political chaos. A growing sense of fear began to pervade society. Slavery increased dramatically, and in Pisces fashion the slaves lived better than Roman citizens. Huge slums were created and welfare increased dramatically. People turned to escapist religions as their lives went from bad to worse. People went into politics for personal greed rather than out of any sense of civic responsibility. In war, Rome introduced a “new brutalism” in her dealings with foreign conquests, based on a fear of those people rising back up out of the ashes. Similar trends were afflicting the Early Han Dynasty in China.

Pisces Era, Age of Taurus: 2340 to 2160 BC.

The King Lists in Mesopotamia indicate this to be a period of severe political and social unrest. Writings from Egypt from this period also indicate that Egyptian society was undergoing severe social and political disintegration.

End-Time Periods

Definition: Not end of the world, rather end of a time period and beginning of a new period. The Pisces/Virgo axis marks just such a time. Pisces rules dissolution, things dissolve into watery nothingness. Virgo rules disintegration, breaking down into dust. Virgo also rules extinction.

Pisces Phase, Aquarius Era: 1965 to 1980

Pisces rules dissolution, Virgo rules disintegration:

Period of intense social breakdown. Race riots, student riots, prison riots all indicate disintegration of social values and the need for reform at various levels. Pollution threatens to speed life and humanity towards extinction. Extinction rates are noticeably up. Welfare begins a rapid rise that pushes many cities to the brink of bankruptcy. Internal violence increases. Revolutionary terrorism plagues America and Europe. Depression and suicide on the increase. Increase in volcanic and earthquake activity.

Pisces Era, Age of Pisces: 1980 to 2160

Pisces rules dissolution, Virgo rules disintegration.

This is a continuation of the Pisces Phase of the Aquarius Era. The dissolving end-time activity during this time will tend to work within a double Pisces energy period, i.e. an end-time period of breakdown and chaos. Continuation of disruptive trends begun in previous phase, 1965 to 1980. Some researchers now say that we stand at the threshold of a sixth big, all-encompassing, mass extinction of life on earth. Global warming is now becoming a major ecological issue.

Pisces Era, Age of Pisces: Phases

Aries Phase: 1980 to 1995

Rules war and violence:

Internal violence rises to new heights. Inner city gangs arm themselves with high tech weaponry becoming armies unto themselves. Bloods and Crips, rival gangs in Los Angeles, take to armed battle. Murder becomes a rite of passage for initiation into gangs. Girl gangs soon become as violent as male gangs. Drive-by shootings become commonplace. Children at ever younger ages become increasingly violent, sometimes killing even younger children just to see what it felt like. It has been said that during that period we had become the most violent civilization ever recorded in history. The violence of the last phase was more revolutionary (Aquarius rules revolution). In this phase it seemed to be more personal, violence as a means of personal expression, belonging, or exploration.

Taurus Phase: 1995 to 2010

Rules peace and money:

Beginning around 1994 police notice the beginnings of a universal drop in violent crimes. The trend has continued. Late 1994 Mexico devalued the peso, a sound move that backfired. Mexico almost went bankrupt. A couple of years later the Third World was gripped tightly in an economic breakdown known as the Asian Flu. It also affected South America, South Africa and Russia. It also brought Japan, the world’s second strongest economy, to the verge of bankruptcy. At the same time that the Third World and Japan were on the verge of total collapse, the American stock market took off, soaring from 2000 points to over 11,000 in just a few years. Much of our success has been shown to be illusion (Pisces rules illusion). Our stocks are now tremendously over-valued. The world has moved into what economist Paul Krugman calls Depression Economics. We finished this phase with the Great Recession, an economic breakdown that rivals the world-wide devastation of the Crash of '29.

Compare this time with the Taurus Era of the Age of Pisces, 180 to 360.

Rome began depleting her treasury with extravagant royal feasts, and by paying tribute to Germanic tribes rather than sending troops to fight them. Rome in the west went bankrupt. Diocletian created Roman Caste System to halt the economic decline. Constantine built Constantinople in the east and moved his throne there after 300 because that was where the only remaining wealth was.

Gemini Phase: 2010 to 2025

Rules movement, division, and education:

Will be a period of increased movements of people into the US and Europe. Illegal aliens already a problem along US-Mexico border. Will likely become a floodgate into US and Europe after 2010, disrupting work and living conditions here, and creating division within our country.

Remember mass movements of other Gemini time periods.

Divisions within countries and social groups will increase to the point that political and social effectiveness will likely suffer. Weaker countries will tend to split apart. Stronger countries will feel the spilt internally in the form of argumentativeness and partisan politics. There is already a notable rise in angry name calling and irrational argument marking a growing division between rational, often secular liberal ideals and more emotional, religious based conservatism. Public education will undergo radical transformation. The Aquarian (era) intellectual model of schooling will no longer suit a larger segment of the student population. (Aquarius is mental while Pisces is emotional). Problems in our schools today already hint at the changes coming. Students are already sick of school teaching methods. The Pisces (era) model will require a more spiritual, artistic, experiential approach.

Cancer Phase: 2025 to 2040

Rules food:

With weather patterns changing, water increasingly polluted, increasing size of populations, and the move to more processed foods, high yield, and now, genetically altered crops, this will easily be a time of agricultural upheaval and chronic famine. With famine the immune system weakens and the predicted new epidemics of resistant bacteria and viruses could easily bring on epidemics of Biblical proportions. Pisces dissolution and Virgo disintegration. On the other hand, in a spiritually vibrant setting, (Pisces rules spirituality) with the spiritual realm as our nourishment, Pisces as the foundation for Cancer food/nourishment, new methods of agriculture could transform culture in extremely positive ways.

End-Times Cycle

End-Time Cycle
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