end-cycleSigns of the Times: The Holographic Universe and the Path to Salvation

The Holographic Universe and the Path to Salvation

We have a choice to make right now, and it is potentially a powerful choice. According to one new theory, we possibly live in a holographic universe. This indicates that the very solid universe that we see around us is nothing more than a holographic projection from a reality that exists outside of this realm. This idea was first proposed because it was discovered that our senses operate using holographic processes.

When we look at something, the images that strike the receptors at the back of the eyes are broken down into electronic nerve data that is best described by a type of mathematics that is used to describe the holographic process. This data is transported to our brain where, in that same holographic process, it is assembled into a form that our brain reads as an image. We never directly see what is in front of our eyes. All that we ever see is a holographic reconstruction. Our other senses work in similar ways. Our senses are holographic mechanisms. It is our mind that tells us that what we see is real and that what we feel is solid.

A particle of matter, an atom, is actually close to 100% empty space. Within that atom, electrons and protons are nothing more than flowing energy that has been compressed into stationary modes of vibration. This by itself reveals the non-solid and illusionary nature of our universe. The idea of a holographic universe further reflects the Oriental concept that this universe is Maya, illusion.

Holographic Mechanism: The present mechanics of holography is a simple mechanism that creates 3 dimensional images that are static and ghostly. What kind of mechanism would be required to create a holographic universe such as ours, that is solid and alive, that grows and evolves, and is filled with sentient beings that think and feel for themselves? As it turns out the structure of astrological ages and the zodiac might be that astrological universal structure necessary to create a dynamic and living holographic physical universe.

Lets imagine that this universe is twelve sided, with each side corresponding to an astrological sign. Recent astronomical findings combined with a new mathematical model describing what has been found, indicates that our universe might indeed have twelve sides to it.

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For the sake of description, from outside and above this universe there is a divine light filled with Original Desire and Divine Love, and with Divine Creative Intelligence, the Universal Mind. Reality is contained within this Light of Love. A beam of this Light descends to a point just outside of where the universe is to be created. This beam is split. One beam is directed out at a 90-degree angle, perhaps in both directions. It circles the area where this universal matrix will be. This circular Mother beam is further split at each of twelve astrological stations. Perhaps this beam creates these twelve windows as it circles the potential universal matrix within. One beam continues around the circle and one is sent into the center of the circle. These stations are windows through which these beams of light take on different astrologically active animating qualities. This beam of Love Light is the Divine Mother of mythology. The universe is her womb, and she has just given birth to twelve Titans, or twelve disciples.

The other beam of Light continues straight down into the center of the potential universe. It follows and creates an astrological axis that defines the axis mundi of creation, the Tree of Life. Within this axis there are seven centers of creation each corresponding to a planet ruler, or partner, of the twelve signs. Each of these centers can be seen as chakras, or creator wheels of divine energy. They each have different qualities that they impart to the creative process. They are, in essence, projectors of creative energy. This is the Father beam. It is linear, having the straight image of staff and phallus that is sacred to masculine mythological thought. This Father beam enlivens each of these projection centers sending creative intelligence out in all directions into the universal matrix. There it meets the incoming Mother energy creating a moray pattern of creative potential.

The third light required is that of human or sentient perception. Each human has this central creative chakra axis within his or her spinal column. Each of us is the actual center of our universe. Spiritual energy flows up and down through our chakras, and we project out from them. As we look out into the universe, our perceptions, the light of our individual desires, shine upon the moray patterns within the universal matrix, enlivening the images hidden there and the universe rises up and takes shape before our eyes.

Holographic universe theory reveals that human beings are co-creators with whatever the intelligence is that creates this holographic universe. The possible astrological structure of this mechanism indicates that indeed we are co-creators. The chakra axis within each of us places every one of us at the center of creation, giving each of us immense power in this creative process.

Chakras: The chakra centers within our bodies are our own individual connection with our co-creative abilities. These centers are projectors of creative desires. The central axis of creation is not some cosmic axis that exists somewhere physical in the universe. It lies along the spinal axis of every single sentient being in the entire universe. It is not spatial. It is creative, and exists everywhere, to the farthest edges of creation. We co-create from our own central axis. Most of this creation is collective, giving us a universe that is coherent and is the same for everyone. A part of this creation is individual, our own desires, and our hurts and blockages.

We have seven chakras along our spinal channel. Most of what we project comes through our first and second chakras at the base of our spine. These two centers act as one, containing the creative energies of dance, opposition and survival. We create from here, a universe of potential danger and struggle. We feel the need to survive and grow, to spread our influence out over what we see, and dominate it. From this level of creation we feel fear, and the need to fight against our circumstances. Love at this level is more familial and romantic. Working with children or mates is a struggle that brings to the forefront issues of power and control.

At present we are trying to open our Fourth chakra heart centers. We have been trying to do this for the last 2000 years, with limited success. When our heart centers are opened a whole new universe of love and prosperity will open to us. We will begin projecting and creating through our heart center, and the energy that we send out will interact with the animating energies coming into our lives from the astrological womb to form entirely new moray patterns. At this level desires will be fulfilled immediately. We will feel love as a far more powerful, universal and blissful experience. Survival as a major concern will dissolve to be replaced by an embracing sense of being nurtured and at home. The fighting that we presently experience from our first two chakras will become a dance of love. Romance will become something far more loving and embracing.

This is the promise of golden age prophecies. But for this to happen it falls on our shoulders to become the co-creators that we are. We must take up some form of meditation in order that we clear the blocks that we carry within, so that creative energy can begin to shine through our heart centers with more power and clarity.

Salvation and the Golden Age: This holographic structure is important in how we deal with these times. Traditional religious wisdom says that salvation can only come through emotional belief in god, and mental reliance on keeping his name continually in front of us. There are many references in the Bible, repeated over and over again, that the name of god is our only salvation. Astrologically there is much wisdom in this. In order to become a seed of new creation it is important to understand how to use the energies present in this holographic time period, in the most powerful and beneficial ways possible.


Meditation: Repeating the name of god, focusing on his name, is the essence of meditation. This brings into play the powerful energies of Pisces-Virgo in a Pisces non-rational way in order to help one contact the Piscean higher spiritual world. Meditation or prayer is the central practice of all major religions. Although the Bible is constantly telling us to remember (repeat) the name of god or of Christ (as a meditation mantra) the Christian church sees meditation as a pagan process. They have tried to incorporate the name of god into prayer, asking for guidance “in the name of god, Amen”. Rather than using the Name directly, it is referenced obliquely.

Meditation helps to open the energy channels within the chakra hierarchy. As energy rises up the spine, it interacts with dark energy blockages, clearing them away and opening the creative centers to project more healing, loving realities into the new universe. In this way we become co-creators in the creation of a golden age and a New Jerusalem.

Other Considerations: Most of the lower, negative emotions and thought patterns that we carry with us are survival responses. These emotions have value, but only at this lower level. Anger gives us the energy to fight. Greed pushes us to collect around ourselves what we feel that we need to survive, perhaps in comfort. Ambition pushes us to climb to the top of the survival pile. Fear of others warns us and protects us from potential danger. But these emotions and thought patterns are only valuable at the level of survival. The ego is also a mental process of survival and protection, centered in the Second chakra. These old and valued friends must be left behind if we are to create a new universe of love and joy for ourselves, and our family and friends. They become albatrosses hanging heavily around our necks, hampering our every attempt to find happiness and real prosperity.

In addition to meditation, dreams and dream work can be valuable during this time. Pisces rules dreams. As we heal and learn to work with our dreams we will begin to find that we have the ability to dream a whole new reality.

Service to others pushes us to open our hearts ever wider. This activates our heart center, clearing away fears and other blocks, and opening it as an energy projector.

Humility pulls us out of our lower concerns for survival and ego-elevation relating to survival. The humility proposed here is one of ego free equality rather than subservience. It is the humility that comes with the certainty that you are becoming a son or daughter of god, and that you have absolutely nothing to prove to anyone.

As we approach the Age of Aquarius it becomes increasingly important that we step up and become the sons and daughters of god that Christ said that we would become, and begin to accept and work with our co-creative abilities. The Leo opposite to Aquarius rules spirit, omniscience, and omnipotence. These are god-like qualities that indicate that becoming sons and daughters of god, with all of the miraculous abilities of Christ, is a very real promise of this New Age.

There are emerging New Age technologies that will also be helpful during this transition. Aquarius rules electricity and, by extension the electric, energetic creative impulse.

We created this illusion, this holographic universe to be a Garden of Delights. It is an ongoing evolutionary process. The Age of Pisces brought with it a sense of imprisonment and struggle in this garden. It also opened us to new more spiritual realities. We are now at the threshold of making this garden something very magical. We are now getting ready to enjoy the rides.


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