end-cycleGenetics: Our Connection With Time and the Universe

Genetics: Our Connection With Time and the Universe

The ancient saying, as above, so below has a very real meaning for our understanding of astrology. The accuracy of astrological ages in describing time reveals a potentially powerful connection between astrology, time, and genetics. Time and genetics are structurally the same. It is in this way that we are literally made in the image of god, male and female, that what is below mirrors the structure of what is above.

Cyclic and Linear Time

Time: There are two distinct models of time that are brought together in this model. The older traditional image is that time is cyclical. Time and history circle around in a circle, in a never-ending cycle of creation. The modern scientific image of time is that of a straight line, the arrow of time, proceeding from a beginning in the past to a point somewhere in the future when time will end. In reality, these two images are both valid, and the two work together to give us a deeper more meaningful understanding of time and of history.

Time is cyclical, revolving endlessly around the astrological zodiac. We have just seen this in our astrological ages. In addition to time moving from one sign to the next, the opposite sign also moves in tandem with the primary sign. As time moves from Cancer to Gemini, the opposite or complimentary sign also comes into play, moving from Capricorn to Sagittarius, like the polarized arms of a compass.

In this image, we are looking at the zodiac straight on, seeing the full circle before us. If we turn the zodiac 90 degrees so that it is facing to our right, we now are looking at the circle from the side. It now appears as a vertical line. The primary sign and the complimentary sign are just two points on this line. We will start these points at the top and bottom of this line.

Cyclic and Linear Time Combined

This is where we add the linear view of time to cyclical time. The linear arrow of time proceeds from the left to the right. If we see time spinning around the wheel at the same time that it is going ever forward, left to right, then the combined movements of cyclical time and linear time move together to form a cosmic double helix. This then is the genetic structure of creation.

Genetics: As above, so below. Our genetic structure connects us directly with the wisdom of time and all of creation. Only about 10% or less of our own genetic structure codes for anything recognizable, proteins or enzymes. The rest has traditionally been considered to be useless and inactive, junk DNA. But is this really so? Perhaps there is more to our DNA than researchers have been able to find so far. I personally do not believe that 90% or more of our DNA is inactive and worthless. It seems much more reasonable to me that in this “junk” section there lies astrological information that affects us on many different levels. I can very easily imagine that there are universal sections of DNA that tell us what age we are living in, as well as what era, and what phase. These genes collectively affect our perceptions, pushing us to see particular things as more important than others. During the Age of Cancer humanity collectively began looking for ways to control edible plant growth in order to more efficiently feed the tribe. With this we had the invention of agriculture. Research indicates quantum changes in our DNA that corresponds with major changes in our world. One example used is the invention of agriculture.

Planets, their positions at birth, and their movements are encoded there as well. We each have our own highly unique birth charts giving each of us our individual natures. When a planet moves from one sign to another, or we move from one phase to another, perhaps certain genes turn on and others turn off, keeping us tuned to the flow of time.

Our DNA collectively acts as an antenna array that picks up information from the planets as they move against the astrological background. This information is collected through our nervous system and channeled to our spinal central nervous system. From there it is directed up through our chakra energy centers to our brains. This information is processed at various centers along our sacral cranial axis, and we act accordingly.

When a planet transits into a new sign everyone feels that change at a deep subconscious level. This change is checked against our individual astrological structure to see what options we have for conscious response and action. As this happens each of us acts in highly individual ways because of our very distinctive personal astrological connections. Universal astrological directives easily combine with individual astrological uniqueness, which allows for free will within a predestined set of lesson plans for our evolution.

While our birth charts are revealed at birth, they are set at conception. Because there is an intimate connection between our DNA and the structure of time, our planetary positions and birth charts are encoded in our DNA at conception, at the time that our own personal DNA is created. When it is “time” for our birth, when the natal information in our DNA and the planets in our solar system line up with each other, the actual birth process kicks in aligning us with what might be called our destiny pattern. A gene turns on that signals the harmonious alignment between the planets and signs above, and the blueprint of our DNA below.

These astrological genes communicate with, or give direction to our more active genes, creating proteins and enzymes in accordance with our particular astrological directives. This includes the way that we look and act, and even defects that we are challenged to deal with in this life. In this way both astrologers and geneticists are correct in saying that their respective disciplines control life. They are two halves of a coin.

There is more to genetics than just genes. Epi-genetics is a new branch of genetics that is researching the effects of methylgroups on our DNA. These are two newly discovered nucleotides that regulate how genes are expressed. 5-methylcytosine and 5-hydroxymethylcytosine can replace cytosine in the DNA ladder regulating gene expression. Perhaps it is this expression that accounts for the vast differences between species as well as between individuals more than or as much as the genes themselves.

Identical twins should mirror each other throughout their lives because their DNA is exactly the same. All too often things happen to one twin and not the other. One comes down with cancer and the other remains free of the disease. Research has found that although they both have identical DNA, their epi-genetic processes are highly individual. A methylgroup attaches to the gene of one twin causing cancer while the other twin remains healthy. Now the question is, are epi-genetic processes random, or is there some form of direction and purpose to it all? Do these methylgroups respond to information or directives received from the astrological structures within our DNA?

Very likely there is soul information encoded within our vast sections of “junk DNA” as well. Although twins have almost the exact same birth charts, they each have different souls. They each have individual lessons to learn on their path to evolution.


Working With DNA: Genes are not rigid. Recent research reveals that genes actually communicate with the outside environment. They get feedback from their surroundings and can adjust their functions accordingly. The methylated nucleotides in our epi-genetic makeup have been found to respond to emotional input and environmental factors. This means that we have the ability to change or heal our own DNA. By meditating often enough, and learning to only think in positive ways, and by learning how to be loving and compassionate in all of our actions, we have the potential to change our DNA and our lives for the better.

We create certain thoughts and emotions within us. The energy patterns they create are fed back down our central nervous system and out to our cells. Our DNA picks these energies up, and begins to consider them. We are communicating with our DNA. As this process continues, it becomes conceivable that our DNA eventually responds and changes accordingly. We regulate, to some degree the expression of our genes. We certainly do this with negative thoughts and emotions. A gene that codes for cancer may remain inactive, but the more physically and emotionally stressed we are, the more negative we are in our thinking and feeling, the more prone we become to having cancer. That gene responds to information that we feed to it from our thinking and feeling states. Now we need to learn to do this with positive thoughts and emotions.

Meditation allows us to transcend our surface mind. The surface mind sees everything as solid and separate from us. As we get deeper into our connection with universal mind, we connect with our DNA and with Time. We begin to know ourselves as creators in our own right, and from this level we can begin to think very positive and creative thoughts.

As we learn to love more completely, we begin to transcend the fears that we carry with us, fears that create most of the suffering and hardship that we endure in our lives. Learning to love and forgive allows us to send joyful creative energies back down to our DNA. In this way we can heal our lives and find the happiness that we all seek.

A More Complete DNA: One of the more bizarre predictions from the New Age front is that humanity is now undergoing a transformation of our DNA, from a two-strand double helix to a more complete 12-strand DNA. While this seems to be pure fantasy it does have an astrological elegance to it. Within the astrological potential for expression, a two-strand genetic code supports the perceived world we now live in, where opposition and concerns for survival predominate.

A 12-strand code would take us beyond the limitations of duality and opposition. We would no longer have to fight and struggle in order to accomplish anything, or to make our dreams come true. As our DNA unwinds into a more complete code perhaps Time will also unwind into a more universal and gentle time frame where all signs are active all the time. Astrological ages will change and, according to the vision of St. John, we will have before us a New Heaven. Perhaps from this there will come the prophesied New Jerusalem with 12 gates, three gates on each side, and built on 12 foundations. In the center of this New City there will grow a new Tree of Life, and it will contain twelve different fruits for the feeding of the people during the twelve months of the year. As our own DNA becomes more complete, it will be us that will be that Tree of Life.


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