end-cycleSigns of the Times: Astrological Eras and Phases

Astrological Eras and Phases

Each age contains twelve eras. This allows for the growth and evolution of humanity through an age without that energy becoming stagnant. These eras progress forward through the zodiac.

Eras of Each Age

EraAge of PiscesAge of AriesAge of Taurus
Aries0 to 1802160 to 1980 BC4320 to 4140 BC
Taurus180 to 3601980 to 1800 BC4140 to 3960 BC
Gemini360 to 5401800 to 1620 BC3960 to 3780 BC
Cancer540 to 7201620 to 1440 BC3780 to 3600 BC
Leo720 to 9001440 to 1260 BC3600 to 3420 BC
Virgo900 to 10801260 to 1080 BC3420 to 3240 BC
Libra1080 to 12601080 to 900 BC3240 to 3060 BC
Scorpio1260 to 1440900 to 720 BC3060 to 2880 BC
Sagittarius1440 to 1620720 to 540 BC2880 to 2700 BC
Capricorn1620 to 1800540 to 360 BC2700 to 2520 BC
Aquarius1800 to 1980360 to 180 BC2520 to 2340 BC
Pisces1980 to 2160180 to 0 BC2340 to 2160 BC

Eras: 12 eras for each age, each 180 years long.

Forward progression through the zodiac. We will focus on the high point of these ages, from Scorpio to Pisces showing the power of the recurring renaissance that comes at these times. Recurring Renaissances are periods of renaissance (Sagittarius), classical thought (Capricorn), and science (Aquarius) and they are the cultural high point of each age. We have just left that period in our own modern history. They are always followed by a Pisces period of dissolution and breakdown.

Scorpio Eras:
Death and rebirth, suffering, taxation, seeds planted of the renaissance to follow.

Scorpio Era, Pisces Age: 1260 to 1440

Death of Medieval European culture. Ensured by several deadly epidemics, the biggest being the Black Death that ravaged Europe for over 50 years and killed over one fourth of the population of Europe. Ruling taxation and corporations, the Church became greedy and turned towards making money, selling mainly funerary and mortuary services and relics. Papacy split into three separate Popes reigning at the same time over Plutonian power issues. Spanish Inquisition begins to use torture to seek confessions. Longest war in history, the Hundred Years War. Called the "Age of Dislocations and Disasters", the lives of most people were harsh and depressing during this Era. Heavy taxation during this period led to several peasant revolts. Period of Mini Ice Age. Giotto begins a trend in art that would lead to a more humanistic focus in the Renaissance. Roger Bacon established the scientific method of direct observation rather than the old reliance on Papal authority when seeking to know nature.

Scorpio Era, Aries Age: 900 to 720 BC

Second Assyrian Empire established employing especially brutal expressions of torture to convince the cities that they were besieging to surrender. They became most hated people in antiquity. Hebrew prophets began railing against the evilness they saw, and in the process they began to lay the foundations of a new more universal Hebrew religion.

Sagittarius Eras:
Expansion and exuberance. Higher thought, and vision.

Sagittarius Era, Pisces Age: 1440 to 1620

This was the period of the flowering of the various European Renaissances, beginning with the Italian Renaissance, quickly followed by renaissances throughout the rest of Europe. Renaissance of culture in Persia. Ming Dynasty, flowering of golden age culture in China. Explorers in New World encountered golden ages in Aztec culture in Mexico, and Incan culture in Peru. Mild renaissance of Mayan art after fall of Mayapan culture. It was the Age of Discovery. New World “discovered” by Columbus. Magellan sails around the world.

Sagittarius Era, Aries Age: 720 to 540 BC

Rennaisance of culture in Assyria, Chaldea, Egypt, and the Archaic Period in Greece. Etruscan golden age in Italy. In the spirit of discovery, Phoenician sailors sail around Africa.

Capricorn Eras:
Philosophy and government. Precise, logical, classical thinking and artistic expression.

Capricorn Era, Pisces Age: 1620 to 1800

Europe settled into a classical period where natural philosophy and rational thought set the foundations for government and art. Called the Age of Reason, Age of Enlightenment, Age of Philosophers and Kings. Period of modern European natural philosophers such as Newton, Adam Smith, and Descartes. Ch’ing Dynasty in China was height of their classical period.

Establishment of absolute monarchies in Europe. Creation of classical enlightened monarchy under Louis XIV in France. Creation of British Commonwealth, a republican form of government in Britain. This would later lead to democracy in America. Republican governments created in Dutch United Provinces, in Switzerland, and Italy. French Revolution, an attempt to create a democracy in France. Classical and classicist art and classical music. Classical architecture.

Capricorn Era, Aries Age: 540 to 360 BC

Classical Greece. Classical art, drama, and architecture. Democracy created in Athens. Classical enlightened monarchy created in Persia, a completely new type of government in the Near East. Period of great Greek philosophers. Early Rome overthrows monarchy and establishes a republican form of government.

Age of Taurus:
Combined Sagittarius and Capricorn Eras, 2880 to 2520 BC.

Height of Old Kingdom Egypt. After 2700 BC, with third and fourth dynasties, emergence of Egyptian classical art based on refinement and mathematical proportion. 2700 to 2600 BC period of Egyptian pyramid building.

Age of Gemini:
Combined Sagittarius and Capricorn Eras, 5040 to 4680 BC.

Evidence of a wide spread explosion of culture in the Near East. Halafian culture, with highly finished pottery, stands out at this time. It is here that the cow, and later the bull god, begins to be singled out as the major deity of Age of Gemini pantheons, foreshadowing the Age of Taurus, which is symbolized by the bull. 5000 BC marks an expansion of culture in the Balkans to the rest of Europe. Around 4800 BC, Yang Shao culture in China coalesced to where the basics of Chinese culture were created, including the roots of their language. Proto-Indo-European language created around 5000 BC.

Aquarius Eras:
Genius and science. Brotherhood and world culture.

Aquarius Era, Pisces Age: 1800 to 1980

Industrial Revolution and the great age of science. Natural philosophy becomes science and technological invention. Creation of a global system of communication and business, and a sense of an emerging world brotherhood. Height of this Era is the science and technological achievement known as the Twentieth Century.

Aquarius Era, Aries Age: 360 to 180 BC

Aristotle turns from philosophy at the beginning of this era towards science of biology. Scientific and mathematical thought replaces philosophy during Hellenistic world culture created by Alexander the Great. Greek thinkers are now scientists and mathematicians. Hellenistic culture was remarkably modern in structure. They ran their society much as we do today. Modern business practices and the creation of economic empires centered in huge modern metropolitan cities. Large public libraries and museums were built along with parks and recreational areas.

Phases of Each Era

Phases of the Aquarius Era
Aries1800 to 1815Libra1890 to 1905
Taurus1815 to 1830Scorpio1905 to 1920
Gemini1830 to 1845Sagittarius1920 to 1935
Cancer1845 to 1860Capricorn1935 to 1950
Leo1860 to 1875Aquarius1950 to 1965
Virgo1875 to 1890Pisces1965 to 1980

Phases: 12 phases for each era, each 15 years long.

Forward progression through the zodiac. We will focus on the high point of this era, a period that is called the Twentieth Century.

Twentieth Century, 1905 to 1980:

1905 marks the beginning of the Scorpio Phase of the Aquarius Era. Death and rebirth. The astrological beginning of the Twentieth Century.

Scorpio Phase: 1905 to 1920 marks the death of the older world and the creation of the modern. Cubism, Dadaism, abstract art, indicate the death of classical or traditional art ideals and the birth of modern art. Freud’s psychology plants the seeds of a new type of mental belief system marking the death of traditional religious values. Quantum physics and relativity theory transplant classical Newtonian physics.

Sagittarius Phase: 1920 to 1935 marks a period of vision, exuberance and cultural expansion. The Roaring Twenties. The Negro Renaissance and the Age of Jazz. Period of great 20th century writers such as Hemingway. Babe Ruth fosters a period of vastly expanded interest in sports. Technological advances such as radio and television greatly expands knowledge and learning and promotes the creation of a cultural world vision.

Capricorn Phase: 1935 to 1950 Government and civic responsibility. It is a period of adherence to traditional moral values following the exuberance of the Roaring Twenties in Sagittarius. It is also a period of big government, Roosevelt’s New Deal, and the rise of powerful and well known dictators in Europe, such as Hitler, Franco, and Mussolini. Franklin Roosevelt was the most despotic of all US presidents.

1950 to 1965. The Aquarius Phase of the Aquarius Era.

Science and genius. World brotherhood. An intensified period of science and technology. The beginning of the nuclear age, the space age, advances in electronics and computers. School curriculums changed towards a heavy science focus. Global communication and beginnings of a global economy.

1965 to 1980. Pisces Phase, Aquarius Era, Age of Pisces.

Dissolution and fear. During this period the great American Dream begins to fall apart. Race riots, student riots, prison riots eat away at the foundations of our contemporary civilized lifestyle. Welfare begins a dramatic rise taking larger chunks out of city coffers. Pollution and extinction become major concerns. Domestic and international terrorism strikes the peaceful flow of life. Crime rate rises. This was a violent period of serial killers and serial rapists. Dramatic rise in depression and suicide, trends that are still with us today.

Historical Parallels

Gemini Time Periods, travel and mass movements:

The Age of Gemini, 6480 to 4320 BC, was a period continual movement; communities moved to new locations and huge trading networks allowed for constant interaction across great distances.

Gemini Era, Age of Taurus, 3960 to 3780 BC. There is evidence of a huge movement of people around 4000 BC up from the Arabian Peninsula into Mesopotamia.

Gemini Era, Age of Aries, between 1800 and 1620 BC. Bulk of Indo-European invasions into Near East and India.

Gemini Era, Age of Pisces from 360 to 540. Bulk of Germanic invasions into the Roman Empire.

Gemini Phase, Aquarius Era, 1830 to 1845. Large exodus of people from Russia and Eastern Europe west into Western Europe, and from Europe to America. This stimulated a mass movement of people westward across America.

Age of Cancer, 8640 to 6480 BC, Food: This was the precise time period of the Neolithic Revolution and the invention of agriculture around the world.

Capricorn Era, Age of Pisces, 1620 to 1800. Cancer opposite to Capricorn: England created an agricultural revolution that they exported to the rest of Europe. This revolution banished famine as a major geographical problem for the first time in almost two thousand years. England was successful over Germany and France at colonizing America in large part because she sent complete farming communities to the New World.

Capricorn Phase, Aquarius Era, 1935 to 1950. Cancer opposite to Capricorn: Green Revolution in US and Mexico creating modern high yield grains and vegetables. This created our modern worldwide agricultural practices. These are the three most important agricultural revolutions in recorded history.

Scorpio Era, 1260 to 1440. Death: Black Death from China to Europe, from there swinging back and forth across Europe for 50 to 100 years in the latter half of the 14th century. Several other virulent epidemics hit Europe during same period. The Church focused most of its energy on death and the collection of money selling mortuary rites to those suffering and dying. This era has been called the Age of Disasters and Dislocations. This era brought with it the Mini Ice Age destroying crops and bringing with it increased levels of famine across Europe.

Scorpio Phase, Aquarius Era, 1905 to 1920. In conjunction with WW1, the Spanish Flu Pandemic, beginning in China in 1918, was worst pandemic since the Black Death. It killed 21.6 million people in six months. The war only killed 10 million over three years. Earlier in that phase the black plague killed 1.3 million people in India and China in 1907. Again between 1910 and 1919 the plague killed another 1.5 million people in China. Between 1917 and 1921 typhus killed 3 million people in Russia. Our most popular and revered disasters struck at this time, the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and the sinking of the Titanic.


These and many, many other examples of history, from major historical trends to individual historical events, from these and other historical parallels to amazing new perspectives that help to explain our history, all combine to show beyond a doubt that there is design and direction to our lives, both collectively and individually. We are not accidents of some chance universe. There is magical rhyme and profound reason to our lives.

This astrological model of history reveals a spiritual aspect to our lives that is far more real and practical than we are aware of. Based on the accuracy of astrological ages in describing history, we can begin a new more poetic exploration of our universe, and what that means for us.

The following pages explore the poetic possibilities of an intelligent, spiritually active, astrologically constructed universe where we regain our central place as sons and daughters of God.


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