end-cycleSigns of the Times: The End of the World and the Coming Golden Age

Welcome. My name is Robert FitzGerald, and after more than 30 years of research, I have discovered an amazing truth about astrological ages that produces a simple and understandable model of history. My book, Signs of the Times: the End of the World and the Coming Golden Age, gives a complete understanding of what exactly is happening today, and how it is connected to events that took place in the distant past. The creation of this model gives detailed and accurate information not only about what is happening around us, but also shows how we can constructively affect these events in positive ways.



When Christ told the religious authorities of his day, in Matthew 16:2,3, that they could easily read the sky to know if it was going to rain or not, but that they could not read the signs of the times, he was referring to astrology. Astrological ages are the signs of the times, and they are extremely accurate in marking the history of humanity.

Ages reveal the intelligence of time and of the universe. They give proof that there is a definite spiritual element to life, that there is an intelligent design that is far more complex and even scientific than mere creationism. Our lives follow a definite evolutionary path from one lesson to the next that is described by these ages.

There are two smaller divisions of each age giving us an even more complex interaction with time. One of these smaller periods perfectly describes the last two hundred years of our history, the Industrial Revolution and our modern world, in jaw dropping detail. There are also some amazing historical parallels from one age to the next.

These periods reveal the very real existence of an end-time cycle that has powerful religious connections from the Christian Apocalypse, to Native American prophecy, to the New Age vision of a coming paradigm shift that will totally transform humanity. This includes the Mayan target date of 2012. History indicates that we are in that end-time shift right now, and that we will not be in the Age of Aquarius until 2160.


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